About us

BM Securities is “THE FINANCIAL PLANNERS & TAX CONSULTANCY” firm. We are quite Different, Simple and Modern from ALL who exist; we cater the service in all the three domain of financial need with regards to Investment, Insurance & Tax. And have designed our self taking into the account, to fulfill the demand of Generation Next who looks for one stop solution for all need. Which you can easily denote from our name BM Securities which we have chosen to represent us. Logistical Support of System and Software made available on our platform makes us complete and true financial company.

Considering the tumultuous and the volatile times that we are living in, the need for valuable and active financial planning together with asset management has become more important and critical these day. Everyone goal is to create, grow and preserve wealth. And that where IIWALA aims at, where we have ensured our platform satisfy all your Financial NEED and here are few of the comprehensive service available with from our wide range of service we provide.

Primary Services

Investment Planning

Tax Planning

Retirement Planning

Insurance Planning

Child Education Planning

Assets Planning

Other Services

Insurance Consultancy

Portfolio Management Service

Cash Flow Management

IT Return Filing

Claim Support Service

Debt Consolidation

Financial Product consultancy & services are built on the foundation of research and analysis, which lays to gain trust and responsibility and hence we are always committed towards exceeding the expectations of the clients. BM Securities on backend is associated with couple of leaders in Insurance & Investment Industry through which we not only deliver you your requirement but also ensure you get the best available on our platform. Do visit our service and other product pages which defines all the things in detail about what is stated and will enhance your confidence with us.

We are proud to acclaim and state that we are FIRST among the hardly few to give consultancy and service in field of Health & Life Insurance which is base for Financial Planning and helps a lot to built strong foundation for creating WEALTH and that too at your door steps.

BM Securities is only the firm which brings the best of Tools & Technology and Service proficiency required to manage and create wealth at such an affordable price together with ensuring personal care is there for every client on all aspects. Do Check our other relevant pages for more information, not to miss our Health Services in which we are best and of which we are proud of.

Thanks for visiting our website and showing your interest in our services. Do make best use of our online Tools which will surely help you to manage your financial planning. Get connected to our Facebook Page for the regular financial updates and tips.

Team BM Securities